AI Hub

Artificial Intelligence Hub

Access artificial intelligence (AI), intelligent automation (IA), and machine learning tools from a single integrated platform.
  • Leverage capabilities across multiple lines of business including auto, property, and workers comp
  • Continuously innovate and add capabilities as new solutions come to market
  • Connect to best-in-class solutions that cover broad use cases like 3D image capture and specific use cases like roofing code analysis

AI and IA – your next sustainable competitive advantage

With pressure on adjusters to do more with less, solutions that manage productivity only go so far. Intelligent Automation and Artificial Intelligence-based tools enable every adjuster to enhance their abilities and eliminate tedious workflows, reduce the time to estimate, and detect potential fraud faster. This allows adjusters to focus on what they do best: analyzing losses and helping your customers resolve their claims quickly.

How the AI Hub Works

The Livegenic platform was designed from the ground up to utilize AI and IA. Natively built into the system are a variety of capabilities, from our proprietary streaming algorithm which optimizes video quality, to enhanced features like document signing and mobile payments for policyholders. Our APIs and integration modules enable intelligent, reactive workflows that are provided by our solution and technology partners.

Sourcing our AI Hub Partners

Our team carefully sources best-in-class providers for the Livegenic AI Hub. We have a robust sourcing process that involves international discovery, competitive comparisons, interviews, and deep technology assessments. You can rest assured that all of the solutions we bring to the AI Hub are stable and secure, with new solutions being added on a quarterly basis.

Auto Damage Appraisal

Assess damages in seconds, not days.
Simply upload photos and the rest is automated.

Instant point-of-accident damage assessment using AI image analysis

90%+ accuracy for low severity / total loss claims – enabling instant settlement

Eliminate unnecessary towing, storage, inspections, replacement rental fees, etc.

Immediately send totaled vehicles directly to salvage

AI-Powered Smart Chat

Accelerate communication in the claims process with a bot behind your adjusters.

  • ‘Touchless’ FNOL submission and guidance.
  • Scheduling inspections and other appointments.
  • Checking claim status updates.
  • Document submission.

Fraud Detection and
ID Verification

Minimize the risk of fraud and improper identification without increasing complexity.

Verification of customer location based on GPS triangulation.

Confirmation of customer information based on Social Media and other sources.

Linguistic Analysis of recorded Claim Statements and self-submitted content.

Visual ID Verification & Facial Recognition Analysis.

Augmented Reality Measurements

Enable the collection of accurate measurements without the use of reference objects, measuring tape, or step counting.

  • Allow adjusters to obtain more useful information during remote inspection.
  • By combining video collaboration and AR Measurements, Livegenic is able to provide the most comprehensive tool for virtual claims inspections.

Custom-Built AI Solutions

Don’t see the solution you need here? Livegenic has specialists that can build exactly what you need.

Our solutions for Artificial Intelligence / Intelligent Automation include:

  • Business Intelligence

    Data Mining, Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Data Visualization, Reporting

  • Machine Learning

    Neural Networks, Time Series Analysis, Forecasting, Linear & Non-linear Optimization

  • Computer Vision

    3D-modeling, Image Classification, Object Detection, OCR, Facial Recognition

  • Customer Analytics

    Customer Segmentation, Churn Prediction, Fraud Detection, Anomaly Detection

  • Blockchain Applications

    Smart Contracts and Consensus Algorithms, Public Key Cryptography, Distributed Ledger

Our AI Hub continues to evolve with new partners being vetted and capabilities being added to our Hub. Please check back for additional updates.

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