Livegenic Mobile Suite

Claims Inspections
for the 21st Century

Livegenic has always focused on the future of claims. By combining cutting-edge technology with simple, fast, and user-friendly design, we accelerate and improve every step in the claims process. Our two flagship Apps, Livegenic Enterprise and Livegenic MyClaim, represent the ultimate claims handling tools in both customer self-service, and professional field-loss documentation. By combining the power of live and offline video collaboration, each App is able to cover every possible inspection workflow, in addition to offering a host of other features designed to improve and accelerate the documentation process.

Customer Portal

Customer Claims. Centralized

Track and Manage the Claims Lifecycle

Deliver a seamless customer experience from FNOL to payment. Delight policyholders
with a simple to use platform to capture, record, document, and share claims data.

Easy to Use System

Access in One-Click,
Starts in Seconds

No download required. Policyholders can access their claims via a link in their SMS or email.

One-click access. Record and submit essential information with one-click, no login, password, or codes required.

Works for Any Device

Access on any platform. Policyholders can use any web-enabled device, allowing the same user-friendly experience on smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Stream Live Video, Audio, and Pictures

Stream essential content. Capture and record audio, images, and video in real-time.

Connect field adjusters with desk adjusters instantly.

Fully Customizable Interface

No code environment. Support your customer experience without extra development.

Fully configurable and can be modified to fit your company branding by adjusting the layout, colors, and buttons.

Features Made for the Modern World

Manage Document
Sharing, Signatures,
and Payments

Enable policyholders to share documents about their claims, electronically sign agreements, and process claims payments.

Custom Forms, Data
Collection, and Status

Create a custom first notice of loss (FNOL) and build data collection that can populate the customer portal.

Policyholders can check claims status and view custom informational interfaces.

Step-by-Step Guidance
at Any Time

Step-by-step instructions. Customers can follow on-screen instructions when documenting their claims.

On policyholder’s schedule. Works without a site visit from the adjuster.

Manage Your Claim, Online or Offline

Works with limited connectivity. Designed for both urban and rural environments and allows policyholders to work even in areas with limited or no internet connection.

Any pictures captured in offline mode are automatically uploaded once the device is reconnected to the internet.

Enterprise App

Every Workflow, Any Time.

An Entire Toolbox in Your Pocket

Our most comprehensive app for onsite loss documentation, Livegenic Enterprise puts an entire toolbox in your field inspector’s pocket, and improves internal chain-of-custody through assignment management and claim status confirmation.

Single Application Workflow to Simplify an Adjusters Day

Access and accept claims assignments

Field inspectors can view inspection details and accept claims assignments right from the App.

Create calendar appointments

Keep your inspection dates straight by creating calendar appointments for any claim or assignment.

Get directions with one touch

Minimize mileage and frustration, plot a route directly to the loss site with a single tap.

Record live or offline video from a single App

Give your field inspectors the power to document claims in any environment through real-time and near-time video collaboration.

Access all Claim Information in one Dashboard

Scan and upload documents, PDFs, and other files

No more rushing back to the office to deliver a scope sheet or SOW, field inspectors can scan and upload documents directly to the claim at any time.

Review all collected pictures and videos

Never miss another angle, elevation, or overview; field inspectors can view all their photos, videos, and documents while they’re still on-site.

Write and exchange and notes with collaborators

Stay in contact with your inspectors by exchanging notes that are automatically saved to the claim file for later review.

Receive, confirm, and update claims status

Maintain chain-of-custody and keep track of your inspections with real-time claim status updates, from assignment accepted to claim closed.

MyClaim App

Self-Service. Simplified.

The Ultimate Self-Service Solution

Designed specifically for policyholders, Livegenic MyClaim combines a simple, easy-to-use interface with an adaptable workflow that gives your customers the power to document their claims anytime, anywhere – online or offline.

Record live or offline video from a single App

Forget about internet connectivity, working hours, or check-in codes. Let your policyholders document their claims at any time, in any environment – live, or offline.

Scan and upload documents, PDFs, and other files

No more playing email tag; your policyholders can scan, search, and upload documents directly to their claim at any time.

One-touch customer verification

Policyholders can securely verify and connect to their claim with a single tap, no codes or passwords required.

Deliver custom text and video instructions

Guide your policyholders with custom-designed text and video instructions pages.

Write and exchange and notes with collaborators

Policyholders can create and exchange notes with their adjuster or inside contact, and all notes are saved to the claim file for review.


Drone Integration

Using the drone integration is fast and easy - with one click an adjuster can send an invitation link to the drone operator, who then adds that link to their flight App in order to stream the drone footage directly to the Livegenic claim file.

With real-time video capabilities, a drone operator in the field can work with a remote adjuster and show live video direct from the drone itself. This allows the adjuster to direct the operator, collect relevant footage, and significantly improves the speed and accuracy of the adjustment process.

Stream inspections in real-time with third-party cameras like a GoPro. Collect data while ensuring the safety of your inspectors.

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