Integrate with Livegenic

Why Integrate with Livegenic?

Every organization has different software needs, which is why the Livegenic Platform was purpose-built with integration in-mind. Livegenic provides an intuitive, secure environment which supports a wide variety of integration methodologies, and enables direct access to the full Livegenic Claims Collaboration Platform.

Integrating with Livegenic provides access to our entire Mobile Suite, as well as an end-to-end claims management solution that can enhance every step of the claims process from first notice to final payout; and our unified file storage system was specifically designed to support the data retention and security needs of the insurance market.

What’s Included?

The award-winning Livegenic Claims Collaboration Platform enables your team to deliver unparalleled customer service right from FNOL, with real-time and asynchronous video collaboration and guided self-service.

The Livegenic Mobile Suite delivers virtual inspection solutions for both customers and professionals, ensuring that your organization has the right tools for the job whether you’re working with policyholders, contractors, adjusters, or anyone else.

The Livegenic Platform provides enterprise-grade content storage and data retention capabilities for all of our solutions. We have stringent compliance with ISO and GDPR regulations, and offer localized data storage in your country or region of choice. And thanks to the dedication of our world-class team, our platform has never lost a single file since our launch in 2014.

The Integration Process


The Livegenic Integration Team works directly with your team to collect and clarify all integration requirements and details.


The Integration Team helps design and outline the integration project to ensure that it is secure, scalable, and supports all requirements.


The Integration Development team works alongside your IT team to implement the integration in both Staging and Production environments. Throughout the development process, our Quality Assurance team tests and verifies that all components are ready for release.


Once the integration is complete and all parties are satisfied with the results, the Integration Team executes the deployment and establishes support channels for continued support.

Customer Success Story: TradesPlus

TradesPlus is an insurance platform that enables carriers to connect directly with a network of pre-vetted contractors to carry out restoration jobs. TradesPlus wanted to integrate Livegenic into their core system in order to provide real-time video collaboration capabilities for their contractors and the insurers that they were partnered with.

Over the course of just 3 weeks, the Livegenic and TradesPlus teams worked side-by-side to plan, design, and deploy the integrated solution:


Integration and workflow planning, development starts


Configuration of all required API calls, deployment to Staging environment for QA testing


Adjustments and updates finalized, final QA approval, integrated solution deployed to Production environment

Quin Netzel

Managing Director

“Integrating with Livegenic was amazingly easy. TradesPlus has integrated with many platforms and Livegenic was one of the key components.”

Information at a Glance:

What APIs are available?

  • Livegenic uses a REST API for easy configuration of all data connections.

What type of security do you use?

  • The Livegenic platform employs both physical and network security through several distinct layers, separated by multiple firewalls.
    Our platform has a verified history of passing rigorous third-party security audits and penetration tests.

How do you store and protect the data?

  • All Livegenic data is stored on Amazon’s secure S3 cloud environment, with multiple backup copies of all data stored in long-term Amazon Glacier servers. Data can be stored in a specific country or region upon request.

How do you handle versioning of the application?

  • Livegenic is based on multi-tenant web and mobile architecture, and updates to the platform are delivered on a weekly basis.

Is your system GDPR compliant?

  • Yes, the platform is GDPR compliant.

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