Livegenic Web Platform

Software, services, and partner ecosystems to enable
our customers to optimize their claims

Future proof your business – claims platform built for what’s ahead

Livegenic’s design incorporates product development best practices. We listened to comments, ideas, and questions from executives and IT teams across the industry to create a set of platform services that enable everything to be configurable. The platform is robust, scalable, and testable.

Digitize the Entire Claims Lifecycle

Eliminate Waste
and Paper Processes

  • Adjust claims with an end-to-end digital process
  • Cut the cost of claims with less inspections and rework required
  • Allow real-time communication between desk and field adjusters

Maximize Adjuster Productivity

  • Reduce the need for special technicians with drone data integration
  • Leverage image recognition to simply auto claims estimation
  • Take advantage of intelligent automation to remove the need for repetitive data entry

Improve Policyholder Satisfaction

  • Allow policyholders to access their claims in one-click
  • Provide step-by-step guidance for timely inspections
  • Cut time to resolve and close claims

Customize for Your Unique Workflow

White Label
Mobile Applications

Scale your team to build enterprise-grade applications.

Extend your web, iOS, or Android apps with dedicated project teams.

API Integrations
and Custom Forms

Leverage our experience with custom Guidewire and core system integrations.

Add custom forms to make your adjuster’s workflow seamless.


Simplify desk adjusters repetitive tasks with our process automation capabilities.

Build off our integrations for estimation automation and assisted decision making.

Leverage the Claims Technology Ecosystem

Our partner ecosystem features a number of integrations to claims technology providers who specialize in solving different use cases throughout the claim lifecycle.

From advanced analytics and AI to tools that interface with drones, you can help customers avoid harm and prevent losses from happening in the first place. We’ve made it simple for you to connect the tools and data sources you need to reduce losses and streamline all aspects of the claims lifecycle.

Tailor the Platform to Your Needs

Seamless Core
System Integrations

  • API Ready, no-code integration
  • Pre-build integrations with Guidewire, Salesforce, and Hyland OnBase
  • Custom solutions team to build integrations with legacy systems

User-friendly design,
fully customizable

  • Easy to use. Simply attach your rules to pre-built forms
  • Configure new processes within days, rather than months
  • Fit your company’s branding by adjusting the layout, colors, and buttons

Global Platform,
Local Content

  • With a staff of over 50 engineers, we maintain cloud capacities worldwide and support
    clients at all continents.
  • We rigorously follow the regional content policies, your data will be stored and processed
    strictly in your region.
  • Multi-language capability built into the system to support your policyholders in their
    native language.

Protect Your Claims Data

One of Livegenic’s core value propositions is to ensure that your organization has the power to create, manage, access, and update customer information and organizational information safely.

Customer data in Livegenic is fully encrypted at rest and when traveling over the network. Socotra uses the latest security protocols including 256-bit encryption. Moreover, every configuration change and material operation customer data is tracked and recorded in Livegenic’s audit log.

Livegenic complies with EU regulations and provides customers with a data processing agreement that outlines the technical and operating procedures when working with customer data.

Content Care

We are very proud that, in more than six years of platform operations, Livegenic has never lost a single file! Our typical storage plan preserves all content for 7 years, and custom retention plans (10-15 years) are available on request.

We follow the highest standards of content protection

3 x

Storage with
Digital Signatures

Lost Files

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