Virtual Inspection Services

Livegenic Virtual Claims Services

Livegenic now offers a Claims Reporting Service where a Virtual Inspector collects claim content directly from the policyholder. Our aim is to help the adjuster collect visual information remotely from the policyholder. This helps process this information to expedite the claims processing; claim data (static/video) can be collected and a damage report compiled and shared in-cloud for managers to assess and finalize.

Four Programs to Augment Your Claims Capability

Expand your digital capabilities with our virtual claim inspection services.

Guided Claims

Overcome the utilization barrier. Help non-technical adjusters feel comfortable. We guide remote users (like insureds) on how to use new technology.

First Notice of Loss (FNOL) Service

Shorten policyholder wait-time and be available at the crucial moments for your policyholders. We can augment your FNOL staff and maintain a fully digital workflow. Moreover, our team can establish AI-enabled components to expedite resolution like AI Smart Chat and AI-based damage appraisal.

Claims Reporting Service

Minimize loss adjustment visits and reduce cycle time with our claims reporting service. Policyholders connect directly with Livegenic claims specialists to collect videos, pictures, and documents related to the claim.

Virtual IA and Adjustment Service

Add a digitally enabled workforce to your claims adjusters.
Remote resources that connect with the insured in real-time to provide a Virtual Inspection of the home and damage. Livegenic can provide a repair estimate based on a virtual inspection.

Empower Everyone With Digital
Inspection Capabilities

The Livegenic self service mobile application makes it simple for field inspectors, TPAs, and customers to inspect the property. During natural disasters or resource-intensive time periods, it can be difficult to muster the resources to provide timely claims processing. Livegenic can speed up each inspection and seamlessly handle the technology for you.

How it works

Our team of Virtual-Qualified adjusters guides your policyholders through a completely remote claim inspection via Live Video Collaboration.

reports loss
Carrier assigns claim
(via Livegenic Platform, Guidewire, other CMS, email, web form, etc.)
Virtual Adjuster
connects with Customer and proceeds with virtual inspection
Claim report is completed and sent to carrier

Value & Benefits

Claims Process

Fully-digital process using Livegenic, the industry-leading virtual collaboration platform.

Trained Virtual

Dedicated Virtual Inspectors and Adjusters are trained to remotely write estimates based on digital media.

Fixed Per-Claim

Fixed or tiered pricing for all Virtual Inspections, no additional expenses, or other hidden fees.

Quick Inspection

Review and first contact with insured within 24 hours, guaranteed Estimate within 24 hours of Inspection.

Lifecycle Comparison

Virtual Claim Inspections

Virtual Inspection
Physical Inspection
Inspection Setup Time
Estimate Submission
Settlement Decision


Jim Balzarine

Director of Claims at GuideOne

Virtual property inspections allow our customers to interact with our claims adjusters in real-time while capturing video of the damage, as well as audio – giving them more involvement in the process and ultimately improving customer satisfaction with a quick and easy process they can complete at their own convenience.

Results & Value

Virtual Claim Inspections

2 day
Average FNOL
to estimate delivery
Reduction in overall
cycle time
Increase in policyholder

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